Best Bathing Suits for Athletic Women | Swimsuit Styles

Best Bathing Suits for Athletic Women | Swimsuit Styles

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13 Responses to “Best Bathing Suits for Athletic Women | Swimsuit Styles”

  1. natyluvzu2 says:

    yeah shes like “hey babe touch me some more” yuck!

  2. April Knowles says:

    i know huh? and she like pops out alot when she touches her!and she looks

  3. mayamoo4 says:

    Is she like, lesbian?

  4. ayannaj614 says:

    Damn so athletic women have boyish bodies ? Rude

  5. John Duffy III says:

    Maria and Ashley are two perfect 12 super sexy babes, I love those bikini
    bathing suits they are wearing, also those two have nice arms, very nice
    boobies, super hot bellies, very nice belly buttons and super delicious

  6. April Knowles says:


  7. rufus wellington says:

    Wow they look over their twenties… TWENTIES MAN… Wow

  8. rufus wellington says:

    Look at them walls man… THEM WALLS… Look!

  9. Kiely Blevins says:

    OMG the bottoms on Maria… No

  10. aaabbbuuu45 says:


  11. Cristy Lewis says:

    The tall girl is annoying she keeps moving

  12. Kate Fox says:

    I hate these articles and videos.. Athletic? They look boyish and skinny to
    me. Why don’t they take a real gymnast and do a ACTUAL athletic person
    tutorial. Broad shoulders, wider legs. Being a gymnast made me hate my body
    now, and these tutorials make it worse.

  13. Kerry P says:

    they do have athletic body. athletic body type is also called boyish type
    body too, except these girls have had implants.