Best Bathing Suits for Petite Women | Swimsuit Styles

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25 Responses to “Best Bathing Suits for Petite Women | Swimsuit Styles”

  1. AtyAndSkit says:

    @Anameleth13 oh! and here’s a video if i didn’t help:

  2. Jennifer Johnson says:

    I really like her hair!

  3. Carasaurus Wrex says:

    I have such problems shopping for myself because I’m only 5’2. It’s not
    easy for me to find clothes that make my torso look long. I look terrible
    in a one piece. But for my swim class I have to wear one. What kind should
    I wear?

  4. Monica K. Pina says:

    I think its funny that im twelve, cant swim , but im still watching this
    lol i always wear swimtrunks and a bikini top piece anyway.

  5. Emily L. says:

    me too

  6. ano sceamer' as says:


  7. John Duffy III says:

    She is a perfect 12 hot bikini petite princess with a hot body!

  8. xxMissJessicaAnnexx says:


  9. Springfairy92 says:

    she is like size 4 so SKINNY.

  10. Beth Bailey says:

    gawd dunno why im whatchin this never gonna look good in a bikini anyways x

  11. TheSuperIdentity says:

    I like that bathingsuit

  12. foxyfantagegirl says:

    Hmmm.. I suddenly like you. x)

  13. AtyAndSkit says:

    @Anameleth13 well …. it depends… i’m only 5’3 and i find it easy to
    shop. basicly you don’t NEED to make your torso look longer, it’s just a
    thing ‘shorter’ girls like. in other words, some girls wanna look taller
    then they really are. so, if you like your height then all you do is buy
    what fits and what makes you think you look good. for the class swimsuit
    thing, just try to focus on your better points. well, that’s all i got.
    sorry for the late reply. hope that helped! bye :]

  14. RiceBunny17 says:

    I didn’t know there were certain types of swimsuits that would look best on
    us petite women. Interesting.

  15. Анна Малкович says:

    well I like watching plus sized tips though I am petite

  16. Mad7Crazy8skills9 says:

    Because skinny women don’t have them??? We all have them. Skinny or not. :/

  17. Emily Macfie says:

    why am i watching this when im obese

  18. ilovemkakeup173 says:

    Moderate? Hahaha

  19. Agnes Dahlberg says:

    enlongate=to make longer

  20. Lauren Rhodes says:

    You’re obviously blind then.

  21. Lii Smithey says:

    just messing with u :) xoxo

  22. Eshne Petite says:

    It’s that time of year again!

    Swimwear Tips: The Best Swimsuit Styles for Petite Women

  23. Eshne Petite says:

    It’s that time of year again!

    Swimwear Tips: The Best Swimsuit Styles for Petite Women

  24. Kami WillKickAss says:

    The model isn’t petite she’s normal size average 

  25. ReMarianneful says:

    The model is so feminine looking and pretty!