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How to Wear Colored Suits This Spring Without Looking Like a Miami Vice Extra
"Navy and gray are the foundation suit colors for any standard working man's wardrobe but blending in with the rest of the pack isn't going to get you noticed by the boss. The solution is to pick up one of this season's bolder colored suits that manage …
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Stuck in a style rut like Kate?
Women tend to continue to wear the same make-up that they did when they felt at their best – which can be a problem if your favourite you was as a 16-year-old in 1982, all bright blue eyeshadowed and over-zealously rouged cheeks. The Duchess of …

House of Cards star Molly Parker reveals what it is like to work with Kevin
“I was interested in the idea of what it costs a woman to be in power. No one asks that of a man. But for women, there's a huge cost. The kind of person who is able to do … She had one request of executive producer David Fincher when she joined House …

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