Should A Young Man Buy A Suit For $1000? Video Style Advice For Young Men Buying First Suits Click to receive my FREE 47 page eBook on Men’s Style and Fashion.…

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25 Responses to “Should A Young Man Buy A Suit For $1000? Video Style Advice For Young Men Buying First Suits”

  1. Antonio Centeno says:

    @Nekidboy You are welcome – I’ll try to keep them going!

  2. Real Men Real Style says:

    @SuperFarmerThanMan It’ll be more helpful toward the end of college and on
    your first forays into the business world…you can probably survive
    college with something a little less pricey, don’t panic! But when you get
    the chance it’s an investment worth making.

  3. MisterPokGai says:

    Great advice on money.

  4. Fatraptor1234 says:

    You always put out superb videos. Please continue to due so, but today I do
    feel like your pocket square does not match. Everyone has done it no
    worries. Just letting you know.

  5. Dionconquer says:

    Thanks for answering my question. However, its a bit too late now. I will
    heed your advice in the future. Many thanks, hope you continue posting
    these videos.

  6. Antonio Centeno says:

    @asianinvasion666 Thank you sir – I hope this video helps quite a few young
    men over the next few years!

  7. Real Men Real Style says:

    @narutovskiba88 If you mean my business at A Tailored Suit, we can make any
    kind of suit. That’s the advantage of bespoke tailoring!

  8. Ricky V says:

    yeah it’s called Express

  9. 91Pulp says:

    I agree with you in not spending $1000 on a suit at age 18-21. I bought
    mine for my high-school prom a few years ago (now 21 years old) and knowing
    I’d outgrow it (which I did, drastically), I spent roughly $280 on my suit
    and as you said, saved the excess for school. Couldn’t be happier with my
    decision to do this. Great advice and great videos, Antonio.

  10. geoffetd says:

    Solid advice

  11. Antonio Centeno says:

    @jackeddemon I haven’t been in that store for 10 years…

  12. historybuff80 says:

    Thanks Antonio, this is one of your most helpful videos!

  13. Real Men Real Style says:

    @Dionconquer Well, I’m sure you made a good choice as there is really no
    right answer. In the end every man must make the decision himself, learn
    from it, and move forward. Best of luck sir!

  14. Real Men Real Style says:

    @SuperFarmerThanMan And what are your thoughts on buying a tailored suit?

  15. Su Wai says:

    What an honest man!

  16. Real Men Real Style says:

    Hey — guys who see dressing well as achievable NOW are better customers
    LATER, right? But seriously, I am just happy to help. Dressing well should
    be for everybody, not just the super-wealthy who can have everything

  17. Husky Lim says:

    I got a school ball coming up, should i go for (70 poly-30 visc) or wool
    blend suit? does it have any effect on the look of the suit? the price only
    differ by about $70..

  18. WarThug13 says:

    Wow you literally turned away a potential customer in this video just to
    give him the right advice. Thats real honesty. Props to you.

  19. Nathaniel Battaglia says:

    @RealMenRealStyle I agree with you completely! I’m just going into college,
    and even working I just don’t have the cash to spend 800-1000 on a reeally
    good suit… Especially now that I’m starting to need a car, housing,
    tuition money, etc.

  20. Nathaniel Battaglia says:

    I enjoy videos like this that are geared towards younger men, as I am
    considered one myself! :)

  21. Jon Herron says:

    Love your videos! I’m a 23 your from Ohio, but I live in South America
    (Peru). I’m working on my own line of suits and blazers that I hope to be
    able to start sending to the US in 2013. Any advice on good markets in the
    US? I mean, in what cities are people still buying good quality suits?
    Thanks and good luck with your channel!

  22. Real Men Real Style says:

    @narutovskiba88 I think you’re going to have a tough time finding a decent
    suit for that price outside of thrift shops — but if you’ve got an average
    sort of build there’s definitely some good finds out there.

  23. FailingUniversity says:

    Great, honest advice! Love this! 

  24. Jonathan Mendez says:

    what are your thoughts on the Combatant Gentleman brand? It’s geared toward
    younger men at $160. I’d really appreciate a reply if you can.

  25. SmileWidePro says:

    just curious, what did you get your degree in undergrad in?